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The next Vintage Electronics Swap Meet is...
Sunday, March 3, 2024 at Castleton Banquet and Conference Center in Windham, NH!!!
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President's Message


President's Welcome to the NEVEC Web Site!

Much of the New England Vintage Electronics Club (NEVEC) activity focuses around the club "swap meets" or vintage electronics "flea markets." These events provide club members and the public the chance to meet and exchange ideas with other vintage electronics enthusiasts in addition to the opportunity to buy, sell and trade items such as radios, tube type audio amplifiers, TVs, parts, books, and magazines. Plan to attend and enjoy a day of fun, camaraderie, and vintage electronics nostalgia. Club members also enjoy bi-weekly Zoom meetings and lively discussions in our private e-mail group.

Exploring vintage electronics, like old radios, telephones, and tape players, is interesting for both older folks who "grew up" with the warm glow of tube type electronics and younger people who are used to smartphones and game consoles. For older folks, it's like a trip down memory lane, helping them remember the cool electronic devices from their past and even teach their grandkids about them. And for younger folks, it's a chance to see how things used to work and learn about the tech that led to our smartphones today. It's like discovering the secret stories behind the sophisticated electronics we use now. Plus, fixing and tinkering with these old devices can teach us about how electronics really work, and it's a way to spend time together, no matter our ages.

Click on the menu to see the club's calendar of events, as well as other regional events, along with more information about the club.

If you are newly interested in vintage electronics, looking to have an antique item restored, wanting to stream music to your antique radio, or looking to find a new home for your grandparents radio or stereo, the New England Vintage Electronics Club is the place to be. Feel free to come to our events or contact us. Consider joining our club.

We look forward to helping you with your vintage electronics project.

See you at the swap meet,

Bob Harris, President


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